Announcing the YOURS National Champions: Anglophone Africa

Announcing the YOURS National Champions: Anglophone Africa

Our Regional Cooridnator for Anglohpone Africa, Mr Brian Bilal Mwebaze has been incredibly busy recruiting National Youth Champions for Road Safety in 14 countries across Africa. These champions help us to be even closer to youth on the ground as well as build on our team capacity. We welcome fifteen youth to the YOURS roster joining the CORE Group, Ambassadors and YOURS Staff to tackle the road safety crisis facing youth.


This initiative is a group of young people who are passionate about road safety from the comprehensive realm covering injuries, disabilities, violence and its related burden and relationship with other public health challenges not limited to climate change, sustainable development. Currently road traffic crashes is the leading cause of death for young people globally. Africa is hit hard.

With such a significant portion of the population being affected, the Road Safety Youth Champions initiative aims to be a key force in raising awareness of road safety and advocating for the needs of this population. As a part of the greater YOURS network, this initiative recognizes the invisibility of road safety youth champions from community level, district level, regional level, and country level, and also recognizes the need to raise awareness of this global problem, in order to advocate for the growth of supports and services for young people. 

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National Road Safety Youth Champions is comprised of dedicated and passionate young people who want to raise awareness about road safety and also gain valuable skills. Members of this initiative shall get valuable experience in raising awareness and gaining skills in social media, public speaking, and outreach efforts.

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For more information about the National Champions Initiative, contact Brian Bilal Mwebaze at

They represent the following countries:

  1. Egypt
  2. Gambia
  3. Ghana
  4. Kenya
  5. Lesotho
  6. Liberia
  7. Malawi
  8. Nigeria
  9. Rwanda
  10. Sierra Leone
  11. Tanzania
  12. Uganda
  13. Zambia
  14. Zimbabwe

Meet your champions:

Agnes Rinomhota
Agnes Rinomhota - Zimbabwe

Allex Ayub
Allex Ayub - Kenya

Arnold  Mutashobya Kambuga
Arnold Mutashobya Kambuga - Tanzania

Basant Motawi
Basant Motawi - Egypt

Buumba Molambo
Buumba Molambo - Zambia

Dawda Bah
Dawda Bah - Gambia

Doreen  Edem Asimadu
Doreen Asimadu - Ghana

Isaac  Kugonza
Isaac Gugonza - Uganda

Lemo  Gbenga Opeyemi
Lemo Opeyemi - Nigeria

Mc Carthyin Samalani
Mc Carthyin Samalani - Malawi

Mohammed  Donzo
Mohammed Donzo - Liberia

Moses Asiimwe
Moses Asiimwe - Rwanda

Meet all of your Anglophone Africa Champions in more detail here.


YOURS National Champions for Road Safety: Anglophone Africa
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