Announcing our new CORE Group member for North America!

Announcing our new CORE Group member for North America!

We are very excited to announce that we have a new CORE Group Representative for the North American region. Ms Emily Reynolds will replace outgoing member Ms Jennifer Heatley who has worked with YOURs since its inception in 2007. Emily is a vibrant and passionate road safety advocate and will take over the reigns for the coordination of the North American Region.


The CORE Group has a very important role within the Global Youth Network for Road Safety structure.  The CORE Group serve as the key representatives of the regions who coordinate YOURS' presence in regions around the world as well reach out to young people all across the world in a two way dialogue.

The CORE group explain their roles and grouped them into three key areas of focus:

  1. The YOURS Global Youth Network for Road Safety: 'To improve what we currently have'- to expand, share more information about youth and road safety projects and create a thriving quality network.

  2. Coordination and Guidance: 'To improve what we currently do'- of youth and road safety initiatives in every region consisting of coordinating and guiding activities, YOURS capacity development programs and creating regional information hubs on youth and road safety activities.

  3. Advocacy and Promotion – 'To be heard and seen more' – for YOURS to have a known and heard network worldwide and to reach out to the media more frequently.

The Coordinators of the Regions (CORE) were selected via a rigorous recruitment process and we selected the following representatives from an incredibly competitive list of applicants. Ms Emily Reynolds, currently active in NOYS joins us as the North American Coordinator replacing outgoing Coordinator Ms Jennifer Heatley. We interviewed her below so you can find out more about her.

emily red
'I originally got started in the world of road safety after my 16 year old sister was killed by a severely distracted driver in 2007'
- Emily Reynolds

Emily, why are you passionate about road safety?
Being fourteen at the time allowed for me to fully immerse myself in advocacy.  Not only can I relay facts and statistics, but my personal story allows me to bring a face to the importance of road safety. I began my call to advocacy by working with my parents forming C.A.R. Alliance for Safer Teen Driving in honor of my late sister.

How have you been involved in road safety in the USA and what are your plans for the North American Region?
When I was seventeen, I began working for National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS). Not only does NOYS make waves on its own, but it gave me all the tools and opportunities I needed to give state-wide awareness.

I see a need for awareness and change in every age group, demographic, and international society. Negligence to road safety takes away too much from the people of our world.

These are easily fixable problems as long as there is a call to change and respect for our lives and the lives of others. As a member of the CORE group I hope to assist all who wish to raise awareness in North America. I hope to get into our school systems and start the good habits young. I believe that change is very possible, and within our grasp.

Emily, how do you feel about your appointment to the YOURS CORE Group?

 'I am extremely honored to be a member of the YOURS CORE group and here is to a beautiful and successful term!'

We welcome Emily on board the CORE Group so expect to see an expansion of our work in the North American Region. Read more about the CORE Group here.



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