All4Climate: Why is it important and how it connects mobility and climate

All4Climate: Why is it important and how it connects mobility and climate

Under the Conference of Parties or COP, the UNFCCC - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change also organized side events under All4Climate - an opportunity that provides different stakeholders with the opportunity to contribute to COP. YOURS – Youth for Road Safety, the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety, Restless Development, and FIA Foundation will be leading an official side event titled Move4Change: Mobilizing youth for the converging agendas of safe, active, and sustainable mobility and air quality for tackling climate change on Thursday, September 30 at 3 pm CET. 

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Why is All4Climate Important
All4Climate encompasses a full lineup of climate events taking place in Italy. The goal of the event is to make 2021 the landmark year for climate ambition. It also aims to foster proactive dialogue on the challenges of the climate crisis and deliver on the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The event sheds light on different issues young people face connected to climate. The Youth Climate Series emphasized that for years, young people have been calling for climate action pointing out the urgent need to take significant steps to address the climate issue. Through activities like #Youth4ClimateLive, All4Climate has driven real ambition toward climate action from young people, governments, and other stakeholders.

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Through the event, engagement of young people and stakeholders and continued efforts to fight climate change is ensured through different fields and avenues. It will also establish important connections between different fields such as road safety, sustainable mobility, youth, climate, and more.

Young people will also be able to discuss and highlight the projects and initiatives they’re working on to support climate efforts within their respective fields, Through this, they will be able to connect and network with peers for possible partnerships to work on their efforts together.

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How mobility and climate are connected
Under the Global Youth Statement for Road Safety, young people are demanding safe and sustainable transport to combat the climate crisis. “Let us breathe!”

Increased development and improvement of transportation services have resulted in a concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Transportation is one of the main sources of carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. Because of this, it is important for stakeholders to provide more sustainable modes of transport and to design cities that promote streets for life.

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Addressing road safety and mobility issues result in streets for life as emphasized during the 6th UN Road Safety Week this year. By ensuring that communities have access to safe and sustainable mobility, carbon emissions will be reduced and will result in lower levels of air pollution.

Cleaner, more livable, and sustainable cities will also give children and the rest of the community the opportunity to walk, run, jog, cycle, and play in cities without having to fear road crashes.

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The demands of youth
The members of the Coalition call for sustainable cities, more sustainable modes of transport, and climate action in the Global Youth Statement for Road Safety. Under the Youth Statement, young people point out that “there is no Planet B” emphasizing the need for safe and sustainable transport systems that combat the climate crisis. “Let us breathe!”

Under the Youth Manifesto, which gathers the demands of young people under the Global Goals, youth express; “we are overcome by despair when we realize that the climate change clock is ticking… how can we be hopeful for the future when we see forests constantly burn and oceans constantly rise?”

To address this, young people are taking action as individuals and as members of organizations taking charge to address issues around road safety and climate change.

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