A Present for my Little Ones - Road Safety Poem by Kenyan Leader

A Present for my Little Ones - Road Safety Poem by Kenyan Leader

In late 2012, YOURS worked with an exceptional group of young Kenyan leaders to train them as facilitators. Many of them still talk of the day that road safety spark was ignited in them and passion for the cause born. One of those facilitators, a young leader working for the Kenya Red Cross, was inspired by the #SaveKidsLives campaign and wrote this poem.

joel group pic
Poem written by Joel pictured in the middle (pink and white shirt)

Present for my Little Ones
By Joel Njorogejoe

Teenage has beaten me,
Off and my young age starts to melt
Like snow that curses sun rise
But with countless quotes of my tender years
When I was befallen by inability
I needed protection from my seniors
That today stamps my well being

My eyes floods with tears
My heart mourns and tears
When I hear my ‘little ones’ vanishing
Through the harming enemy of carelessness
Most say they are just accidents,
But not;
For road traffic crashes can be prevented
Our young ones can still live happily
With good health from our caution

Count these losses;
Of lost hopes for nations and world
Youngsters leaving us in pain
Why go this early in life?
We ask countless but rhetoric
Future mentors and gloom of the nation
Gone for good and never to come back
Not even to read this message of hope

We have lost many and are tired
And now beg we take a ponder
Embracing the safety strives
Actions to protect our little ones
From the merciless mandibles of
Traffic road crashes, as I give today;
The present for my little ones
By joining all positive ventures
Fight negligence and wave your pledge
Save the little kids.

Poem by; Joel Njoroge (Daddy Poet)
Twitter: @_njorogejoe

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