A poster series from WHO for the 2nd UN Road Safety Week

A poster series from WHO for the 2nd UN Road Safety Week

The Second United Nations Global Road Safety Week takes place on 6-12 May 2013 and is focused on pedestrian safety. Alongside international initiatives to promote safe walking with the launch of the Long Short Walk and a call for safer pedestrian spaces worldwide, a free poster series has been published by the World Health Organization for use during the week and beyond.


The Second UN Global Road Safety Week to be held 6-12 May 2013 is dedicated to pedestrian safety. Requested by the UN General Assembly, the Week will draw attention to the urgent need to better protect pedestrians worldwide, generate action on the measures needed to do so, and contribute to achieving the goal of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 to save 5 million lives.

Join the international community to ensure a fatality free Week and a significant and long-lasting contribution towards making walking safe for all.

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The poster series is a 'quirky' and subtle portrayal of pedestrians crossing the road in a 'cut-out' depiction of characters using public footways. The posters promote each of the following key points:

  • More than 270 000 pedestrians die on the world's roads each year. We are all pedestrians, but many transport systems neglect our needs.
  • Improving roadway lighting, removing obstructions, and wearing light-coloured clothing and reflective materials can save pedestrian lives.
  • Sidewalks, crosswalks, refuge islands, speed bumps and raised platforms at bus stops can save pedestrian lives.
  • Legislation and enforcement of laws related to alcohol and speed reinforced by mass media campaigns can save pedestrian lives.
  • Ensuring the safety of pedestrians encourages walking which impacts positively on health and the environment.

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Download the poster series here in multiple languages.




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