A new tool available to promote #SaveKidsLives!

A new tool available to promote #SaveKidsLives!

Our Founding Member Michelin is an international beacon for road safety awareness, investment and resposibility. More recently, a2om teamed up with Michelin to develop a set of materials that gives parents the tools to sit down with their children and talk about key risk factors facing them on the road. The materials come in the form of a creative two page document.

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a2om, with the help of Michelin, has developed this tool to promote #SaveKidsLives for the wider public, as well amongst their workers in their places, headquarters. Most importantly they invite parents to talk with their kids about road safety. It is in suport of the the #SaveKidsLives Campaign, the official campaign for the Third UN Road Safety Week.

The document focuses on five key road safety tips for children by being visible on the road; cross where you can be seen, make sure you and your bycicle can be seen, use the appropriate seat and make sure you always wear your seatbelt.

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Good and bad examples of how children can be visible on the roads.


As well as the five points of safety, the document also includes a fun activity, spotting the difference between a safe and unsafe situation where a child is crossing the road while cycling. The activity encourages children to 'colour in' the differences and notice how one is much safer than the other.

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In the #SaveKidsLives Academy, children colour in and find 5 differences that the child is undertaking in the two pictures, one safe and one unsafe. At the end of the activity, children and their parents take a #Safie and have the chance to upload their pictures online to contribute to the #SaveKidsLives campaign.

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Download the Michelin and a2om Kit, also availabe in the attachments in the right column.

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Michelin and a2om #SaveKidsLives Kit


Visit the #SaveKidsLives Campaign website