A beauty blogger and road safety campaigner: Jordan's inspiring story

A beauty blogger and road safety campaigner: Jordan's inspiring story

Not so long ago, we met with road safety campaigner and beauty blogger Jordan Bone who travels around the UK telling her story of 'Remembering to think twice'. When she was 15, Jordan was involved in a road traffic crash that left her paralysed. Turning her life around, Jordan's fashion blog has lifted off globally and along with it, her message for road safety.

A young woman who was paralysed from the chest down during a traumatic car crash at the age of 15 has defied all expectations to became a successful beauty blogger who counts Kylie Jenner amongst her fans. Now 25, Jordan Bone, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, is busy running a YouTube channel which has more than 17,000 subscribers, a blog and an Instagram account with more than 23,000 followers.

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Jordan talks to road safety expert in London.

Jordan, who also believed she would never find a man to love her after the crash, is also now preparing to marry the man of her dreams. Her story of resilience and road safety continues to make national and international news and her beauty blog inspires people all around the world include Kylie Jenner.

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Jordan has turned her tragic crash into a reminder for other young people to take their safety seriously.

At the time, Jordan accepted a ride from a male friend who had only just passed his test. It was the first time Jordan had been in a car with someone her age, and soon after accepting the ride, the driver lost control of the car. The car slipped on the wet road surface, flipped onto its roof, and landed in a ditch. The other passengers in the car were fine, but Jordan broke her neck in the accident and lost the use of her limbs. Jordan has since regained some use of her arms and hands, and still continues with physiotherapy. 

She has not let her paralysis bring her down, and has a series of inspirational videos on Youtube, and her own blog

Jordan says, 'You just have to focus on the positives and try and enjoy your life because you only have one.'
As well as her work as a beauty blogger, Jordan now campaigns with the road safety charity Fixers. The charity gives young people a voice in the UK, to make young drivers realise that they are not invincible and that they shouldn't take unnecessary risks on the road.

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Jordan's passion is beauty blogging, but road safety is her mission too as highlighted in the video in the right column.

Jordan, who takes her road safety campaign into schools, says: 'Doing my campaigning has made me believe in myself. It's also made me feel inspired that it may have changed someone's life and that's the main thing. If I've helped someone then I'll feel like I've set out to do what I wanted to do.'

She is keen to reach out to as many people as possible and promotes her road safety campaign alongside her beauty channels.

She says: 'I don't just want to reach people who already have an interest in road safety, I want to reach people who maybe haven't thought about it before and get them to realise that they're not invincible behind the wheel.  

This is an incredible story of resilience and turning a passion into inspiring others. Jordan is a great example of how young people can enact road safety through peer messaging and embed a road safety message in a topic such as beauty and makeup. We wish her the best of luck in her campaign!



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