3rd Global Meeting of NGOs for road safety takes place this week

3rd Global Meeting of NGOs for road safety takes place this week

The 3rd Global meeting of NGOs advocating for road safety and road traffic victims is taking place this week (Thursday 4th April 2013) in Antalya, Turkey. The alliance represents over 90 countries advocating all areas of road safety and this meeting offers an opportunity to meet and continue the movement for road safety around the world. 

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About the Alliance
With over 140 member NGOs active in more than 90 countries, the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety was founded in response to demand from NGOs worldwide for a forum where NGOs can share best practices and collectively advocate for road safety and the rights of victims of road traffic injury.

The Alliance also provides concise information about the activities of NGOs to non-NGO actors, such as governments, foundations, inter-governmental agencies, the media, and other stakeholders with an interest in road safety. Additionally, the Alliance organizes the Global Meeting of NGOs Advocating for Road Safety, which takes place every two years.

The Board of Directors of the Alliance is comprised entirely of volunteers. Board members are elected from the Alliance member NGOs. The current Board of Directors is:

  • Ms. Moira Donahue (Safe Kids Worldwide), Treasurer
  • Mr. Floor Lieshout (YOURS), Vice-President
  • Mr. Manuel Ramos (FEVR)
  • Ms. Nani Rodriguez (Fundacion Gonzalo Rodriguez)
  • Mr. Daouda Sagna (LASER International), Secretary
  • Ms. Rochelle Sobel (ASIRT)
  • Mr. Jeffrey Witte (Amend), President

3rd Meeting

IPA Turkey Section is hosting the Third Global Meeting of Nongovernmental Organizations Advocating for Road Safety and Road Victims with the cooperation of Antalya Police Department and Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety.

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The most recent meeting of the global alliance of NGOs took place in Washington. Read more about it here.

On 4-5 April 2013 the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety is organizing the Third Global Meeting of NGOs Advocating for Road Safety and Road Victims, which will take place in Antalya, Turkey. The Alliance is proud to have the support of World Health Organization, Turkish Police, Global Road Safety Facility, Road Safety Fund and TUV for this important meeting.

Almost 70 member NGOs will gather to share knowledge, experiences and good practices on road safety.

Some of the speakers include: Dr Etienne Krug, Director at World Health Organization and Chair of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration, Mr. Marc Shotten, Senior Transport Specialist at the World Bank and Professor Adnan Hyder, Director international injury research unit at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Also there will be an expert panel discussion on funding in road safety, among the panelists are known champions in the field as Mr David Ward, Secretary General at the FIA Foundation and Mr Raoul Powlowski from GRSP.

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The Alliance is hoping, by providing this platform, to encourage partnerships among the NGO members, and accelerate a free exchange of knowledge and experiences. Many NGOs from all over the world will have an opportunity to present their work and hopefully inspire others. In addition, with some interesting break out sessions on Social Media, Victim Support, Evaluation Methods and Legislative Advocacy, we hope to further strengthen the capacity of participating NGOs. The meeting also provides a perfect opportunity to encourage and mobilize the NGO community contribution to the upcoming 2nd United Nation Road Safety Week, with the theme Pedestrian Safety, `Make Walking Safe´.

The meeting will close with a first General Assembly for the Alliance member NGOs, which will give direction to the future steps of the Alliance.

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Additionally, on the first day of the meeting “The Long Short Walk” activity will be organized in order to draw attention to pedestrian safety on roads. This activity is recognized globally and organized various cities of the world at different times for the rights of pedestrians. Hereby, we will join this campaign and walk for safer roads for all on 4th April. You can take part in the youth element of the Long Short Walk here.





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