OSAID ~ Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving


OSAID ~ Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving

OSAID is an independent registered Canadian charity which reaches more than 300,000 students annually. OSAID has graduated over 20,000 youth leaders who are now living, working, and driving in every community throughout Ontario. OSAID presently manages over 5000 volunteers annually utilizing 200,000 volunteer hours toward reducing driver-risk and injury in the province of Ontario. This makes OSAID the largest teen volunteer program, focused on risk reduction, in the province.

Every year OSAID programming reaches beyond the school environment to positively impact over a million families. Each year, thousands of parents across the province watch their teenagers grow to become OSAID leaders in their respective communities. These youth launch motivational and educational campaigns to promote a practical and responsible driver-safety message to a hard to reach audience -their peers.

The Mission OSAID provides leadership training and programs to motivate teenagers to make proactive and responsible choices in their lives so they can prevent injuries caused by impaired driving and save lives. OSAID is an incorporated, registered charity comprised of Ontario secondary school chapters and OSAID Ambassadors.

OSAID groups work closely with other community-based organizations, businesses and government agencies. Its affairs are administered by a Board of Directors consisting of ten Board members and 13 student advisors ( Student Advisory Council ~ SAC) , who are elected annually by the student membership. Through these volunteers and community partners OSAID provides leadership and programs to motivate teenagers to make proactive and responsible choices in their lives so they can prevent the number one killer of teenagers - car crashes.

OSAID provides services that include:

  • an annual conference;
  • provincial public awareness programs;
  • regional workshops;
  • promotional material;
  • information distribution and student leadership development programs.

The Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Transportation Road Safety office, recognizes OSAID as the primary provincial organization promoting the elimination of drinking and driving to a teen population.

Peer education

OSAID is a peer led and peer driven organization. OSAID has been instrumental in increasing public awareness concerning impaired driving since 1990, primarily through peer-based education and intervention campaigns. Unlike the adult population, each year there is a new population of teen drivers who need the tools and information to make smart decisions during their formative driving years. Delivery of these tools through a peer-based model like OSAID’s has been proven effective with the youth population. The model requires a significant amount of youth volunteers who provide the local leadership to deliver prevention programs in partnership with local organizations, businesses and government agencies.