Welcome to the Downloads section. Here you can find all YOURS' latest downloadable material for you to use.


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Here you can download YOURS' fresh new award winning poster series, The Surreal Poster Series.

They are available to download in the following languages:

  • English (1 - 2.1)
  • French  (3 - 4.1)
  • Spanish (5)
  • Portuguese (6)
  • Romanian (7)

The posters are in PDF format and come in two formats:

  • Double Branded - With YOURS logo and Decade of Action logo
  • Single Branded - Without the YOURS logo for organizations to use their own logos.

The posters can also be downloaded in two resolutions:

  • High Resolution for Printing in large format and use in adverts.
  • Low Resolution to be send via email and use online.

The User's Guide explains how to use each poster for its inteded purposes.

You can also download a desktop backround for your computer that features all five posters, an easy way for your friends and family to see the posters on your screen!

yours surreal posters background


For your guidance, YOURS provides the Press Release and User's Guide here for you to use. You can also download the press release to the Embrace Life campaign.

Download other resource below too: