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Competitions make things interesting and fun, that's why for YOURS' contribution to the Long Short Walk Campaign we will be running an exclusive photo competition in which one of you could win the prizes below!

It's easy to take part in the Long Short Walk and you can do so in two easy ways:

1 - Signboard Photos

You can print this signboard and write your own message for action, if you're arty, why not create your own stylish signboard with your own message? Design your own in colours and pictures that represent you or your community; Take a picture of you holding it and send it to us! Check out these board for inspiration:

graffiti board  doodle board
You could add your own artwork, graffiti style or just doodles to your board to make it more colourful and youthful!

2 - A photo of your short walk

You can take a picture highlighting a dangerous road that needs safety, but don’t put yourselves at risk doing so. Find a safe spot nearby to walk if necessary. And children should be accompanied by adults. You can also take a picture of your route to work, a nice walk you like to go on or a place you like to walk to such as your favourite youth club, places you hang our around university, college or school or even the walk to your friends house. Be creative! Take a picture of your short walk!

See some examples here.

Uploading Your Pictures

Once you have snapped your pictures, you need to get them to us. The easiest way is to email them to and we will brand your photo with the Long Short Walk and YOURS logos and add it to our Flickr pool and a gallery on our website, easy! These photos will conribute to the global campaign.

Competition Criteria

As with any YOURS campaign and competition, we are looking for the most creative, colourful and inspiring photos to win our special prizes. If you decide to take a photo with a board, we want it to be colourful, exciting and have meaning. You could take a photo of you holding the board or the board in an interesting location (such as near a road).

We will be judging the pictures on the following points:

  • Creativity - such as the design of your board, the style of photo of your short walk photos.
  • Your message - the road safety message you transmit on your board and what you capture in your photos. The message should be clear, concise, positive and powerful.
  • Originalit - what makes your board or photos (or both) original? Original locations? Famous buildings? Your own hand-drawn board designs etc.deadline 1 0

Deadline for all photos is 01 May 2013 with a showcase on 11th May -the second anniversary of the start of the Decade of Action. Winners will be announced on the week following.

We will be confirming out prizes shortly!

Long Short Walk - Some Example Photos

The start of the Long Short Walk illustrating photos of the campaign.

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