13th UNRSC Meeting

Start date
Monday, 11 April 2011
End date
Wednesday, 13 April 2011
13th UNRSC Meeting

The UNRSC meeting will be hosted by FIA Foundation and the venue will be Whitehall Suite in The Royal Horseguards, London, United Kingdom.


131h Meeting of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration
11-13 April 2011
Whitehall Suite, One Whitehall Place (part of Royal Horseguards Hotel),
Whitehall Court, London, United Kingdom
1. To discuss plans for the Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011–2020)
2. To update on and define future activities for the working groups
3. To update and inform on global activities by UNRSC partners

MONDAY 11 April 2011
14.00–15.00 Opening of meeting - Dr Etienne Krug, WHO / Mrs Eva Molnar, ECE
• Adoption of the programme and objectives of the meeting
• Welcoming address from the hosts - Mr David Ward, FIA-F
• Introduction of participants and short update - From the floor

Objective 1: To discuss the Decade of Action for Road Safety

15.00–15.45 Launch of the Decade - Ms Laura Sminkey, WHO
• What will happen on 11 May?
• Advocacy and communication
• Discussion

15.45–16.15 Decade of Action tag - Mr David Ward, FIA-F
• Usage and restrictions
• Global fund, including funding for UNRSC members

16.15–17.00 Plans for the Decade of Action - Dr Margie Peden, WHO
• Plan of Action finalization and approval
• Encouraging/assisting countries to develop plans
• Supporting countries to implement plans
• Monitoring and evaluating the Decade
• Discussion

17.00–17.30 Global Road Safety week Mrs Eva Molnar, ECE

17.30–19.00 Free time

19.00–21.00 Commission for Global Road Safety Reception hosted by H.R.H. Prince Michael of Kent Orangery, Kensington Palace, London, W8 4PX (coach transport will be arranged)

TUESDAY 12 April 2011

09.30–13.45 Coffee from 09.00
Launch of the new Commission for Global Road Safety report (separate agenda will be provided)
Lunch included and all UNRSC participants invited: Banqueting House, Whitehall Palace, London, SW1A 2ER

Objective 2: To update on and define future activities for the working groups

(Room TBC) Project group discussions
Group1 : Development/implementation of the "how to" manuals
Chair: Ms Gayle di Pietro, GRSP

• Status of Distracted Driver doc (WHO)
• Update on Pedestrian resource (WHO)
• Discussion about Heavy Vehicle Guide (GRSP)
• Supporting the DoA with Good Practice

(Room TBC) Group 2 : Work related road safety
Chair: Ms Lori Mooren, UNSW

• Private sector participation in UNRSC
• Regional programmes and actions
• Advice to governments about their role in work-related road safety
• Private sector initiatives
• ISO standards and charter
• Strategic action plan for corporate road safety

(TBC) Group 3: Infrastructure
Chair: Ms Sibylle Rupprecht, IRF

• Decade of action plan: Pillar 2 activities to be undertaken
• Plan to inventories actions undertaken
• Coordinating plans

(TBC) • Group 4: Monitoring the Decade
Chair: Dr A. Hyder, RTIRN/JHU

• Review principles on which M&E for the DoA should be organized
• Define key projects and initiatives already in place that might allow opportunisitic ways of M&E
• Identify a set of "global/overarching" indicators to help with M&E of the DoA
• Recommend a set of specific studies that will strengthen the M&E of the DoA


WEDNESDAY 13 April 2011
09.00–09.45 Report back from the working groups Rapporteurs

Objective 3: To update and inform on global activities by UNRSC partners
(please limit your update to 8 minutes to ensure that everyone is given enough time to present)

(includes coffee break)
 2nd global NGO road safety meeting - Mr J. Witte, AMEND
 MDB Road Safety Initiative and WB facility  - Mr M. Shotten, World Bank
 Sesame street public service announcements - Mr R. Knezevic, Sesame Street
 Global Status Report on Road Safety version 2 - Dr M. Peden, WHO
 Bus Rapid Transit and road safety - Ms C. Adriazola (EMBARQ
 SOL project - Ms K. Elsig (GRSP) TBC
 Safekids work in road safety - Ms M. Donahue (Safekids)
 IRTAD road safety trends 2009 - Ms V. Feypell (OECD)
 iRAP and road safety - Mr J. Mumford (iRAP)

12.30–14.00 Lunch

14.00–14.30 New memberships - Dr Etienne Krug, WHO
 South Africa

14.30–15.00 Road safety charter discussion - A. Pearce (GRSP)

15.00–15.30 Other upcoming projects/events - From the floor

15.30–16.00 Next steps - Dr Etienne Krug, WHO