We are excited to announce that YOURS has teamed up with Snap2Live, a fashion statement for the global cause of road safety! Snap2Live is an innovative belt made from seatbelt material which snaps together in the same way that a seatbelt does. It is a reminder of our commitment to road safety. Snap2Live is giving some of its profits to YOURS everytime you buy a belt.

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Snap2Live is an innovative fashion statement for road safety! The Decade of Action for Road Safety has the mission of saving five million lives by 2020 and awareness of the cause will remain a big factor in promoting road safety on the world stage! This unique belt is a cool new way to support road safety and look good doing it. Social entrepreneur Ernesto Arguello makes a life-saving fashion statement with his funky Snap2Live belts.

Snap2Live has teamed up with YOURS to give $10 profit from each belt sold to YOURS for its work. By entering YOURS at the check out support code!

The Snap2Live belt is a reminder of what we can do to be safe on the road, not only promoting the use of seatbelts in motor-vehicles but also of road safety in general and the risk factors that contribute to road crashes all around the world. The Snap2Live belt is a fashion statement for road safety, it is made from seatbelt material, which snaps together in the same mechanism as a real seatbelt. It reminds us to buckle up when driving, not to text and drive and to never drink and drive.

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YOURS is proud to announce the launch of its new road safety tool; The Surreal Poster Series. This series of 5 posters has been released to commemorate the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 and are absolutely free to download for use during the Decade. The poster series is just one tool that YOURS is releasing over a period of time to help reduce the amount of young peple being killed or seriously injured on the worlds' roads.

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The Surreal Poster Series

Why the posters?
One of the issues in preventing road traffic crashes is the lack of awareness in the world about the global road safety crisis. Road traffic crashes are the biggest killer of young people. Therefore YOURS wanted to provide a range of tools to raise awareness about road safety and equipping young people with a fresh new poster series to use absolutely free! Of course it is free for others to use as well.

The posters are the start of a series of resources that YOURS will offer to its youth network to use in a local and national setting during the Decade of Action for Road Safety. The posters feature five key road safety messages; wearing a seatbelt, wearing a helmet on two wheels, being visible on the road and an anti drink driving and anti speeding message. These are five simple safety precautions that could potentially save millions of lives worldwide.

Using the posters 
The posters can be used in a range of settings, from youth centers, schools, universities to offices, hospitals and public places. In addition to a physical printed posters, YOURS will be pushing the posters out online and encourgaes young people to spread awareness about this tool on social media sites and online networks.

YOURS has put together a Users Guide to give more information on how people can use the posters for maximum exposure and awarness.

Press Releas
A press release about the posters is available to download here on the YOURS website for media awareness and media focus worldwide. YOURS recommends the YOURS global youth network to make use of the press release by sending it to local, national and international news portals.

Together we can save millions of lives...
The Decade of Action for Road Safety is a momentous occasion that will see concerted effort for road safety globally. Over a period time YOURS will be undertaking new initiatives including resources, campaigns and activities to raise awareness about road safety with young people to save millions of lives worldwide. This can only be achieved with your continued support, creativity and enthusiasm. Together, YOURS, is YOU, YOURS and OURS and together we can save millions of lives.