Sheila  Atieno

Sheila Atieno

Coordinator of the African Region (English Speaking Countries)
+254 727 282 317
10 March 1986

'Many young people are killed and injured on the road and 400,000 of them are youths on annual basis, these are preventible and my personal motives for road safety make me passionate for the cause' -  Sheila Atieno

Some of the activities that she has been recently involved in include; successfully coordinating the Youths for Road Safety group and other youth groups in Kenya during the launch of the UN Decade of action on Road Safety held at Kenyatta International Conference (KICC) Nairobi, on 11th May, 2011. Sheila has extensive knowledge of cultural diversity issues in Africa such as that of rural and urban youth and the difference this poses on road safety and offers clear solutions of how to overcome these issues in harmonizing the YOURS network in Africa.

Her profiency in English and Swahili makes her an effective communictor in this region and her work in road safety has received acclaim from organizations such as ASIRT and Chariots of Destiny. Sheila's passion for road safety is clear and her motivation to expand road safety efforts has seen her recruit over 500 volunteers for road safety in Kenya alone.

Sheila told YOURS, 'There are many issues that exist in Africa that occur because of communication barriers, my skills will mean I will overcome these barriers and use my experience to expand the YOURS network as I have Youths for Road Safety Kenya'.