Manpreet Darroch

Manpreet Darroch

Head of Communications

Manpreet Darroch began his road safety journey at the age of 18 when we was a member of the United Kingdom Youth Parliament. In 2007, Manpreet attended the first United Nations World Youth Assembly for Road Safety hosted by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Economic Commission, representing the United Kingdom.

Manpreet says that the event 'changed his life' and really highlighted the issue of road safety as the most important health concern to young people in our modern world; road crashes are the biggest killer of young people aged 15-29 in the UK and worldwide. On returning from the Assembly, Manpreet set up a national youth road safety campaign called 'Tune into Traffic' via the multi award winning British campaigning project Battlefront and was supported by Channel 4, a mainstream TV channel in the UK to shoot a 30 minute documentary about road safety and young people. The documentary helped Manpreet set up his campaign and followed his journey of converting his passion for road safety into a tangible outcome and the program documented his journey. The documentary can be viewed here.

After the success of this documentary, Manpreet went on to establish a range of tools to influence young people including online viral videos about road safety and has developed and delivered road safety workshops in schools across the UK. The campaign focused on the dangers of new technology on the road such as mp3 players, mobile phones and handheld gadgets and received national endorsements from road safety experts worldwide such as RoSPA and the UK Department for Transport. He was subsquently recruited by YOURS to head up communications, media outreach and the designing of global road safety campaigns targeting young people from all around the world.

Manpreet is the official YOURS Delegate for the United Kingdom and has worked closely with YOURS to design and implement a range of campaigns including:

  • United Nations Global Road Safety Week (
  • Youth sumbissions to the Global Road Safety Film Festival
  • Youth sumbissions to the Long Short Walk
  • Embrace Life Campaign
  • World Crossing Campaign


Manpreet has also represented YOURS globally, in panels, keynote speeches and moderating sessions including:

  • Compare, Global Alliance of Road Safety NGO's international meeting (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Lead moderator, Side-Event; Youth and Road Safety with the Asian Development Bank (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Keynote speaker and Panelist, Side Event on Multilateral Banks collaboration with NGOs (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Representative, United Nations Road Safety Collaboration meeting, (London, UK)
  • Keynote speaker, Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving national conference (Ontario, Canada)
  • Moderator, Keynote speaker and Panelist, Side Event on Children and Youth (Brasilia, Brazil)
  • Panelist and Delegate, World Youth Conference on Youth (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  • Consultation parnter, World Health Organization consultation on Adolescent Health (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Speaker, The Caravane Project in 7 UEMOA countries (Niamey, Niger)
  • Keynote speaker and Panelist, Road Savvy by Fixers event (London, UK)
  • Keynote speaker, International Youth Forum on Road Safety (Tunis, Tunisia)
  • Keynote speaker, European Youth Forum for Road Safety, European Commision (Brussels, Belgium)


As a lead faciltiator and trainer at YOURS, Manpreet has co-delivered and lead on a range of international workshops.

Other Information
Manpreet completed his Bachelors Degree in Political Science and International Relations with First Class Honours and previously worked for The National Childrens Bureau and the National Youth Agency as an Associate Trainer on young people's rights and youth participation. Manpreet is also seasoned radio presenter on one of the UK's leading stations.

With his Communications position in YOURS , Manpreet is reponsible for the following:

  • YOURS' Communication Strategy including Marketing/Promotion/Publicity
  • YOURS' Social Media Strategy
  • Control of Media Generation and Production
  • Overseeing and maintenance of
  • Facilitation of YOURS monthly Newsletter and newsflashes

As The Global Network Coordinator at YOURS, Manpreet is responsibile for:

  • The recruitment and selection of the YOURS champions
  • Facilitation of the Global Youth Network for Road Safety
  • Point of call for the Global Youth Network
  • Overseeing the health of the online network and resources
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