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YOURS is a global organization that acts to make the world's roads safe for youth.


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YOURS is a direct follow-up of the United Nations World Youth Assembly for Road Safety in 2007. More than 400 young people from over a 100 countries gathered to discuss the global road safety crisis and how young people can be part of the solution. One of the main wishes of the World Youth Ambassadors was the creation of a global youth-led organization that would lead a global youth movement for road safety. After a full year of planning and preparations under the auspices of the World Health Organization, YOURS was officially launched November 2009 during the opening ceremony of the First Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety in Moscow, Russia, and started its activities early 2010.

In 2010, YOURS became also an official member of the United Nation Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC), the body for road safety issues through the UN system. Our work is fully supported by the World Health Organization and is a valuable long-term partner.

At the beginning, YOURS received a generous start-up grant from Michelin, who is a Founding Member of YOURS and has been a supporter of our work since the inception in 2009. Michelin and YOURS have a long-term partnership and are working together to improve the road safety for young people worldwide.

"We need a revolution for
action on road safety."

"The world has five years to deliver the most ambitious road safety target ever set: to halve road deaths and injuries globally. Surely we must look to young people to lead and energize this revolution."


Floor Lieshout

Founder / Executive Director - YOURS

Beliefs and Values

Young people have a right to be adequately informed, consulted and empowered on road safety. YOURS believes that youth themselves have a vital role to help save lives on the world’s roads. After all, this is the biggest threat to their lives. Young people can do so much to contribute. Is there any group better placed to act as role models, lead peer education, raise awareness, mobilize communities and advocate for change? Therefore we believe:

It is unacceptable that youth continue to die and get injured on the world´s roads. Knowing that:

  • Road traffic injuries are the #1 killer of young people aged 15-29
  • The Global Goals has a specific road safety target: by 2020, halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents

In order to reach the road safety target by 2020, we strongly believe:

  • in the high potential of youth to lead a road safety revolution
  • it is essential to empower young people to take action
  • in meaningful youth participation in all phases and levels of decision-making
  • in peer-to-peer communication to inform youth and indirectly the community at large
  • in taking a positive approach that focuses on the value of life

Our Mission

YOURS is a global youth organization that acts to make the world's roads safe for youth.

Operational Details

Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy
We take a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and will uphold all laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions in which we operate. You can read our full policy here .

Stichting YOURS – Youth for Road Safety is officially registered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as a global not-for-profit and non-governmental organization for youth and road safety under the Chamber of Commerce number 34368904.

Privacy Policy
Read our website discalimer and privacy policy here.

annual report 2018 coverAnnual Report
We have began the process of documenting our key areas of work, projects, activities and initiatives for review. Our Annual Report offers transparency on the work we do, how we do it and where we do it.

Our Annual Reports can be downloaded here:

Annual Report 2018 Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2016 Annual Report 2015


Our Partners

Meet our Regional Champions

YOURS has divided the world into 10 regions. Meet your Champion who can help you taking the first steps in road safety, and link you with others!


Regional Champions

Our Staff

Floor Lieshout

Floor Lieshout

Executive Director
Manpreet Darroch

Manpreet Darroch

Head of Communications and Focal Point for the Global Youth Network for Road Safety
Raquel  Barrios

Raquel Barrios

Project Manager of the World Youth Assembly

Supervisory Board

Our organization is guided over by a Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board oversees the long-term objectives of the organization and ensures that the by-laws and rules governing the organization’s activities are observed. Currently, we have two Supervisory Board Members. You can read more about their roles and a short biography below.

Dr. Wim Rogmans

Dr. Wim Rogmans

Chair of the Supervisory Board
Dr. Adnan Hyder

Dr. Adnan Hyder

Member of the Supervisory Board

YOURS has been the leading global youth organization for road safety since 2010.

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